High Reliability Assays

INOVOTION offers in vivo assays to test the efficacy and the toxicity of your oncology drug candidates and validates your target.


Our assays quickly offer you reliable, in vivo-based answers to form your Go/No go decisions. By adopting INOVOTION tests, you are choosing reliability in two complementary ways.

  1. Our standard assay involve 15 to 18 chick embryos, therefore our responses have a high statistical significativity, with a low p. value. These results are always available within 1 month and are very affordable.
  2. Our 5 years published R&D including more than 150 studies before the commercial launch shows that INOVOTION's model is predictive of what happens in mice for all the reference molecules we have tested in side-by-side comparisons.
  3. Our clients have obtained similar results (for vehicles, reference compounds and also test compounds) with INOVOTION's assay and later classical preclinical model.