If you are interesting in working with us, please send an email to partnerships@inovotion.com

Collaborative Project Creation and Management

INOVOTION has established collaborations with multiple private and public partners to provide its customer with a global offer.


The staff at INOVOTION has a large background in setting up and managing small, medium and even large consortia collaborative projects, including large enterprises, SMEs, and academic institutions.


In addition to its unique technology, INOVOTION has:

  • a deep understanding of the biotech academic and SME community, and extended contacts with its high-level representatives.
  • long-term experience working both with and within SME’s and Large Enterprises.

Scientific Leadership

INOVOTION is ready to collaborate with leading players for advancing the state of the art around its unique technology.


We are looking for world-class partners who already have a demonstrated track record related to preclinical drug efficacy and toxicity drug testing and can contribute to advancing the state of the art, either through scientific contributions, or by providing industrial-collaboration in this area.


Please contact us at partnerships@inovotion.com to discuss scientific and technical topics to develop within a collaborative project.

Consortium Building

Finding the right partners is the first essential ingredient in setting up a successful project.


Several key factors are important when selecting partners for a project consortium:

  • Shared vision, around a well-structured project definition
  • Complementarity of roles and skills for achieving the vision
  • Excellence, of their contribution
  • Commitment, to the project vision and objectives
  • Critical mass of each partner, in terms of their capacity for impacting the area


INOVOTION has a wide circle of both academic and SME/industry contacts, and is thus particularly well placed for identifying new partners – who can add significant synergy and energy into a project.

Proposal Writing

In writing a successful project proposal, a number of key ingredients are necessary:

  • A good understanding of the institutional objectives set by the funding agency
  • A clear vision of the project’s overall objectives and expected impacts
  • Feasibility of the project objectives
  • Capacity of the consortium to achieve them
  • A well-structured workpackage and task definition linking the project activities to the overall objectives and vision
  • Efficient and effective Project Management for achieving both the internal and the external project goals
  • A coherent and effective approach for reporting the project results
  • Sufficient plans for Dissemination and applying the Project Results


INOVOTION is ideally placed for achieving all of these ingredients and ensuring a successful project proposal.

Budget setup and negotiation

When setting up and negotiating a project budget, it is essential that all of the constraints, obligations, and administrative features defined by the funding agency are understood and taken into account.


Key success factors for a successful project budget include:

  • Sufficient levels of resources for achieving all of the project tasks
  • Fair allocation of resources, according to the efforts by each partner
  • Readability of the project budget, both for the evaluators to ensure acceptance of the project and for the partners
  • Clear identification of the risks involved, and the resources required for addressing these

Project Management

Efficient project execution relies on effective Project Management policies and experience. The key points to be met are:

  • Overall project objectives stay on track (deadlines are met)
  • Partners’ efforts are efficiently applied towards achieving the objectives
  • Effective communication within the project
  • Internal conflicts are resolved quickly and efficiently
  • Deliverables are well-structured and easy to understand by the reviewers
  • Project reviews proceed smoothly