A Rare Affordability For Valuable Molecules

INOVOTION offers in vivo assays to test the efficacy and the toxicity of your oncology drug candidates and allows you to validate your target.

Our assays offer you very fast, sensitive and reliable answers. By adopting INOVOTION assays, your Go/No Go in vivo-based decision for drug development can be solved within 1 month.


Developing new drug compounds is a long and risky process, with only 2-3% probability of success.

INOVOTION strives to simplify and optimize preclinical development, which until now has been both the most expensive and the least effective phase of drug development.

Not only do we propose a very affordable test but:

  • You need a very small quantity of the compound to perform an INOVOTION assay
  • You know the potential efficacy or toxicity within one month
  • No time is lost for validation of test protocols by an ethical committee
  • We avoid unnecessary and costly tests in mice to eliminate low-value molecules
  • We thus increase the value of candidates having undergone with success our in vivo test.


INOVOTION provides significant value in the discovery stage, reducing and selecting the number of candidates that will go on to the expensive testing steps. By selecting the most promising drug candidates with INOVOTION assays, you can avoid costly mouse testing for compounds that will not work.

In addition, INOVOTION's technology contributes to reducing the number of animals to be used in preclinical trials, truly optimizing the drug development.