Overview: A Unique In Vivo Model

INOVOTION has developed a unique preclinical in vivo assay with multiple advantages compared to classical models. These assays are adapted to efficacy or target validation for oncology and toxicity for other therapeutic areas. To validate its technology, the INOVOTION team has carried out more than 150 R&D studies over a period of 5 years, with several academic labs and biotech pharmaceutical companies.
Your main advantages in using INOVOTION’s technology are:

  • Early stage evaluation provides faster identification of promising compounds
  • Quick results: just 1 month
  • High sensitivity: requires thousands of times less test compound than classical preclinical models
  • Great predictivity: you get the same predictive level as with other preclinical models
  • Strong reliability: high statistical significativity with low p.value
  • In vivo model, yet without animal experimentation
  • Lower costs than with comparable techniques


INOVOTION’s technology gives our customers an earlier evaluation of the potential of their candidate compounds.

Our scientific experts support your projects

INOVOTION is an independent lab. We have our own facilities including cell cultures and egg experimentation room.

We can easily manage several hundred assays per year.


Our scientific team has considerable expertise in oncology, toxicology, drug development, as well as cellular and molecular biology. This background allows us to provide you relevant advices and tailored solutions for your projects.

The INOVOTION team analyzes and interprets the data of your experimentation before providing you with an intermediate and final report containing information and results related to your study.