Key technology

Inovotion develops new predictive applications for Personalized Medicine, based on our unique patented CAM assay to grow human tumor avatars derived from patient-derived organoids, biopsies, and Circulating Tumoral Cells (CTCs).


Key Applications:
- Patient stratification for Clinical Trials
- Drug resistance and biomarker monitoring for managing residual disease in patients during Clinical Trials
- Monitoring molecular profiling, to evaluate clonal evolution and resistance mechanisms.
- Diagnostic tests for individual patients

Residual disease

  • Patient management
  • Response monitoring

Molecular profiling

  • Clonal evolution
  • Resistance mechanisms

Targeted Cancers

Inovotion focuses on breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers.

If you have Personalized Medicine projects, contact us! We are always interested to develop ambitious approaches.