Target validation is an essential and critical phase of the drug discovery process. This is a crucial step before starting to develop a treatment based on a targeted protein that has been identified to play a role in the disease. The target protein’s role must be clearly identified before starting to develop a drug candidate against the disease and evaluate if the drug acts on the pathology.

A test for target validation of anticancer treatments

INOVOTION’s technology allows the in vivo evaluation the consequences of gene modification on cancer proliferation and/or the development of metastases due to the use of mutated tumor human cell lines.

INOVOTION works with its customers’ transgenic lines to investigate the value of new disease targets.


For each standard assay, we follow the in vivo variation of the modified cancer cell line compared to the control (wild type). We monitor the main parameters of the tumor initiated by your cell lines:

  • Evolution of human tumor size under target mutation to evaluate the potential tumor regression
  • Quantification of nodules to investigate the metastases’ invasion
  • Impact on survival rates in case of a lethal tumor

Details of the assay

A standard assay at INOVOTION:

  • Is very fast: requires only one month
  • Produces results with a high statistical significance (low p.value): includes 15-18 eggs per group
  • Competitive costs


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