Our customers are academic labs, institute, anticancer centers, biotechnology and mid-sized to big pharmaceutical companies which develop drugs against cancer and test the in vivo toxicity of their candidate compounds.


Why our clients use our assays:

  • Early stage evaluation to eliminate low value molecules before classical preclinical studies
  • Very affordable cost than comparable techniques for a first in vivo proof of concept
  • More large possibility to in vivo screening with a same budget
  • File a patent, we offer the initial in vivo proof of concept
  • Generation of the first in vivo data for a publication
  • In vivo assays yet without animal experimentation


After using INOVOTION's assays, most of our customers make a second study or more because these assays have a real added value in comparison to classical preclinical model.


If you have questions or comments about our services, technologies and offers, please send an email to customers@inovotion.com