INOVOTION has developed a unique highly sensitive and reproducible assay. It is applicable to all preclinical anticancer drug discovery programs, and is based on the monitoring of the growth and the metastatic dissemination of human tumor cells.

Based on the chick egg, our extensively tested assays enable a time- and money-saving intermediate in vivo step in your drug discovery process, situated between in vitro testing and classical preclinical assays on mice.

INOVOTION's technology is thus complementary to the classical mouse model and improves the efficiency of the drug discovery process, as shown by several scientific publications and more than 150 R&D studies at the commercialization launch.


We use the chick egg model involving an enhanced technique of chorioallantoic grafting which has proved extremely valuable for in vivo studies of tumor development, angiogenesis and malignant cell dissemination.

INOVOTION's technology consists in grafting human cancer cell line on the chick egg environment (on the CAM), particularly suitable for cancer development because of the abundance of growth factors in the highly vascularized CAM. The chick egg model allows fast studies and need a minute amount of compounds because with the embryonic environment, the tumor grows rapidly and the embryo volume is limited.


The INOVOTION technology has been validated for a number of human tumor cell lines, including various carcinomas, gliomas and melanomas, as well as several reference drugs currently marketed.

Using these assays, we can investigate the efficacy and the toxicity of new drugs, which are lead candidates in oncology. These assays can also be used to study genetically modified cell lines and target validation.

Compared to mouse model, the data obtained with this model are:

  • much faster:  just 1 month
  • more reliable: low p.value equivalent predictivity
  • more sensitive: need more than 1000 times less drug
  • more affordable