Over the last decade, high-throughput screening assays have produced thousands of candidate drugs with potential efficacy in pharmacological activity. However, a majority of these drugs have failed during drug development for reasons related to toxicity.

An early in vivo toxicity assay

INOVOTION’s technology is a strong tool for evaluating the potential in vivo toxicity of your candidate drugs and their capacity to disturb the development of the embryo. INOVOTION has set up specific protocols to analyze and identify the toxicity of your drugs. During a standard toxicity assay, we follow the impact of your compounds on:

  • Mortality rate
  • Head formation
  • Body development
  • Limb evolution
  • Skin aspect
  • Extra embryonic structures

Details of the assay

A standard Assay at INOVOTION:

  • Is very fast: requires only one month
  • Produces results with a high statistical significance (low p.value): includes 15-18 eggs per group
  • Requires thousand times less compound to test its efficacy in comparison to conventional mouse models
  • Competitive costs


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