Our Mission

Because we know that one of your main preoccupations is to optimize your preclinical and discovery studies, INOVOTION has established a unique and cutting-edge in vivo technology.

As a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that is dedicated to in vivo evaluation for drug discovery, particularly in oncology, INOVOTION is a sought-after partner for drug discovery pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academic labs all over the world.

Our main missions are to:

  • Help you to find the best anticancer candidate treatment
  • Detect the first in vivo toxicity effects of your candidate compounds
  • Improve the productivity of your preclinical and discovery process by maximizing your lead optimization phase
  • Accelerate the overall drug discovery process to answer unmet medical needs in oncology

Our Vision

Due to our flexibility, can-do spirit and human size, we can plan, set up and run a tailored experimental protocol for your specific projects.

For each of our clients, INOVOTION provides a personalized solution.


Our scientific team brings a wealth of knowledge in oncology, target validation and toxicity and a close collaboration with our clients to always get a successful outcome.


Your success is our success.


Overall lead optimization and preclinical phases are the most expensive phases of drug development, representing 1/4 of the total cost. At the same time, these steps have a poor predictivity: less than 5%. That’s why INOVOTION pays particular attention to standardize its studies (biological reagent and reference material used), to make relevant study design, data analysis and report all within a framework reproducible with standard operating procedure.