This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand

  • How your Personal Data are collected;
  • Which Personal Data are collected;
  • Why are Personal Data collected;



I.      Definitions


Data Controller” refers to the company INOVOTION (hereinafter “INOVOTION”), located 5 avenue du Grand Sablon, 38700 LA TRONCHE – France, registered under the number 811 310 127,, which is also the website’s publisher;


Hosting Company” refers to OVH, located 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 ROUBAIX – France, Registered under the number 424 761 419;


Personal Data” refers to your personal data that INOVOTION may collect, such as your last name, first name, address, email address, phone number, company’s name, company’s activity, position in the company;


Website” refers to the website “” which belong to INOVOTION;



II.     Personal Data


1.    Personal Data Collect


In general terms, you as a visitor, can browse the Website without disclosing any Personal Data, however, INOVOTION may register your Personal Data when you complete the contact form on our Website. A part of the Personal Data requested in the contact form are mandatory, they are marked with a *. The Personal Data requested which aren’t marked with a * are optional. By completing the contact form and providing your Personal Data, you expressly accept the following Privacy Policy and for INOVOTION to process your Personal Data according to the section 2 of this Privacy Policy.


2.    Determined Purpose


INOVOTION may process your Personal Data:

  • To perform the services requested by you and / or
  • To communicate about commercial events or products and services improvement
  • For the purposes of collaboration and furthering research


3.    Recipient


INOVOTION is the only recipient of your Personal Data.


INOVOTION will not disclose your Personal Data in any form, to any third party, except if you gave your express consent to INOVOTION to disclose your Personal Data to a determined third party.


INOVOTION does not sell your Personal Data to anyone.


Retention Period


INOVOTION store the Personal Data for as long as needed by the Determined Purpose stated in section 2 and cannot in any case exceed 3 (three) years, in case you didn’t respond to any of INOVOTION solicitation during that period.


4.    Privacy Rights


Several rights are attached to Personal Data, to exercise these rights, you need to proceed as specified in this section.


The following rights are attached to Personal Data:


  • Right to be informed and to consult your Personal Data
  • Right to request rectification and erasure of your Personal Data
  • Right to object to your Personal Data collect and process


To exercise your rights, you can write to INOVOTION by email at  or by mail, at the address specified in section I.


INOVOTION will only accept your request if you can prove your identity, by providing a copy of a valid ID.


INOVOTION reserve the right to refuse your request if it deem it manifestly unreasonable (numerous requests, recurring request or systematic request).


If you believe that INOVOTION does not convey with its obligations regarding your Personal Data, you may address a claim to the Data Protection Authority (“DPA”). In France, the DPA is the CNIL.


5.    Delay of reply


INOVOTION is committed to providing an answer to any request in a reasonable delay not exceeding 1 (one) month after receiving said request.


6.    Cookies


INOVOTION does not use and does not implement cookies on your device’s hard drive.