Fast Assays to Give You A Competitive Advantage

INOVOTION offers in vivo assays to test the efficacy and the toxicity of your oncology drug candidates and to validate the target.


Our assays provide fast and solid answers.

INOVOTION's fast assays benefit you in three complementary ways.

  1. Our unique chick embryo model allows for very fast testing: your results will be available just 1 month after the start of your study
  2. The high sensitivity of our model reduces by a factor of 1000 the need for drug candidate compounds, so you can engage in vivo testing earlier than with traditional assays.
  3. We give you access to an intermediate in vivo step in drug discovery process, following in vitro testing, but preceding classical preclinical assays on mice.
  4. Thus, using INOVOTION's model, you can launch studies without waiting for a protocol validation by an ethical committee.


Your Go/No Go in vivo-based decision can be taken within a month's time!


Fast Assay