INOVOTION is a Contract Research Laboratory implementing a unique approach to in vivo evaluation for anticancer drug discovery.


Our cutting-edge proprietary technology provides early analysis of your compounds before the classical preclinical stage. By eliminating low-value molecules early, INOVOTION accelerates your drug discovery process and significantly reduces its costs.


INOVOTION assays evaluate the EFFICACY and TOXICITY of your anticancer treatments and VALIDATE their TARGET. Our unique technology is based on new chick egg assays.


INOVOTION’s fast, sensitive, reliable and affordable in vivo assays will save you money and give you a clear competitive advantage.


We help Chemists and Biologists developing new molecules get through the in vivo evaluation to the next step without going over budget. This very accessible technology allows rapid Go/No Go decisions.


INOVOTION activities started in 2014, based on a proprietary technology initially invented in 2009, and after 5 years of R&D and more than 150 studies. It’s a spin-off of Joseph Fourier University, in Grenoble, France.


INOVOTION’s technology was developed at the Institut for Advanced Biosciences (formely Institut Albert Bonniot), a cancer research center on the University Hospital campus – Grenoble Alpes University, by the creator of the company: Prof Jean Viallet.


In the beginning, the technology answered the needs of an academic laboratory and quickly found a great success in the labs and companies that tested it.


After hundreds of successful studies realized for chemists and pharmaceutical companies, we decided to offer our technology to drug discovery partners worldwide: academic laboratories, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.