To be useful, alternative non-animal models need to be robust, and faithful to the patient pathology.

Tumor organoids are a viable solution, as they durably preserve the genetic alterations of the original tumor tissue. In our model, patient tumor stem cells are isolated and cultured in multicellular 3D structures to recreate the smallest functional unit of a complete tumor.

Organoids are composed of all the cell types present in the original epithelia, and these 3D structures provide an excellent basis for ex vivo modeling of augmented pathophysiology. As such they are a relevant model for preclinical testing.

A major challenge addressed by Inovotion is to adapt organoid technology from in vitro to in vivo preclinical testing, while maintaining genetic and phenotypic stability, and predictive results.

The stem cell properties in the organoids depend on complex interactions between signaling pathways, modulated by various extrinsic stimuli such as growth factors, the immune system, nutrients, hormones, gas exchange and mechanical stress.

Ongoing Work

Inovotion has developed and refined xenografts of human organoids from patient biopsies to its CAM model.

Inovotion has mastered the key phases of the experimental process, ranging from organoid management, and grafting into the egg.

If you have organoid projects, contact us! We are always interested to develop ambitious approaches.