Newsletter February 2019

Early in vivo evaluation assays for immune-modulation of anti-PD-1 / anti-PD-L1 based combinations. A major breakthrough from Inovotion R&D

Until recently, early in vivo efficacy evaluation for anti-PD-1, anti-PD-L1 and combinations, implied the use of expensive humanized mouse models and lasts months. Current oncology drug development strategies are based on a combination approach. The key question is: « what is the best combination », in optimal costs and time.

Identifying the best combinations and eliminating the low-value ones as early as possible is a key milestone in the preclinical phase.

To address these critical points, Inovotion’s R&D team has developed a standardized and accurate in vivo efficacy prescreening assay, based on the chicken embryo model.

Using this very effective approach, researchers can quickly and easily access early in vivo prescreening to select their most effective immune-modulation combination, at an affordable cost.

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More than 40 cell lines and 17 reference compounds tested and ready to use for efficacy assays

Thanks to a large library of already standardized cell lines and reference compounds, INOVOTION carries out efficacy assays very quickly to deliver result in 1 month from the cell graft.

  • Optimum grafting conditions determined for 40 different cell lines

  • Optimised doses and number of treatments determined for 17 reference compounds on different cell lines = dozens of different combinations

  • New standardized cell lines and reference compounds added monthly

Working on other cell lines? Need a specific cell line/reference compound? Contact us! We will develop your specific assay in only 4 weeks

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Publication featuring INOVOTION’s platform: Genoscience Pharma evaluated their most advanced compound, GNS561, with the chick embryo model

Genoscience Pharma a clinical stage biotech focused on Oncology, conducted research on GNS561, a lysosomotropic molecule they developed. With the help of INOVOTION’s chick embryo model, the team could confirm the anticancer activity of their molecule against intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and published their results on February 20, 2019.

Once INOVOTION started the study on GNS561, Genoscience Pharma received the in vivo results for their research within 1 month and could publish this article only 10 months later. Supported by GNS561 efficacy in in vivo models (chicken embryo, rats and mice animals models), Genoscience Pharma is currently assessing GNS561’s safety and efficacy through an international Phase1b/2a clinical trial in liver cancer (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03316222).

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Who we are

Because we know that one of your main preoccupations is to optimize your preclinical and discovery studies, INOVOTION has developed a unique and cutting-edge in vivo technology.

As a Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to in vivo evaluation for drug discovery, particularly in oncology, INOVOTION is a sought-after partner for drug discovery pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academic labs all over the world.

Our main missions are to:

  • Help you find the best anticancer candidate treatment
  • Detect the first in vivo toxicity effects of your candidate compounds
  • Improve the productivity of your preclinical and discovery process by maximizing your lead optimization phase

Accelerate the overall drug discovery process to answer unmet medical needs in oncology

Efficacy evaluation

Target validation

Toxicity evaluation

Multi-cancer screening

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