Oct 12 2020


Inovotion enjoys supporting clients such as Anna Halama ! 


The latest publication led by Dr. Anna Halama, Assistant Professor of Research in Physiology & Biophysics at

Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar,  featured on the front cover of Metabolites journal.


“The WCM-Q team combined the already established laboratory technique of implanting cancerous cells into

chicken embryos with a powerful biochemical analysis method called metabolomics.


These two innovative research techniques are combined in a new testing platform that not only gives deeper insights

into the ways in which certain types of cancers resist chemotherapy drugs and proliferate, but also deliver significant

cost and time savings over existing research methods.


The research is considered such a significant breakthrough that it was featured on the front cover of Metabolites,

one of the industry’s leading scientific journals.

With the Courtesy of Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar.”


Metabolic Signatures of Tumor Responses to Doxorubicin Elucidated by Metabolic Profiling in Ovo

Metabolites 2020, 10, 268


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