Aug 18 2021


Have a look at INOVOTION’s deeply useful webinar series!

Your main preoccupation is optimizing your preclinical and discovery studies?
Find out how to use Inovotion’s cutting-edge in vivo technology in your future projects,
presented by our experts.

#1 How to optimize in vivo preclinical evaluation of synergistic immuni-oncology drug
candidate. Speaker:Yan WANG, PhD, MD, R&D Dpt

#2 Preclinical evaluation of antimetastatic drug candidate using a next-generation chicken
embryo model. Speaker: Chloé Prunier, PhD, R&D Dpt

#3 Fast and cost-effective solutions for in vivo anticancer drug evaluation, using the chicken
embryo model. Speaker: Xavier Rousset, PhD, R&D Team Leader

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