Mar 24 2021

Webinar 3 available online


Preclinical oncology assays using classical models such as the mouse suffer from several limitations which significantly hamper overall productivity for all anti-cancer drug discovery teams. The high cost and long time required for the mouse model make it difficult to properly evaluate all available candidate molecules. These limitations form a true 'testability barrier' for developing new anticancer therapies, and affect all preclinical R&D programs from Big Pharma to biotechs and academic labs.

Inovotion has developed a new ground-breaking way to test in vivo efficacy and toxicity of anticancer drug candidates, based on human cancer cell xenografts on chicken embryos. This fast, sensitive, reliable, and affordable assay is applicable to all preclinical anticancer drug discovery programs, from small molecules to immuno-therapies and combinations. The chicken embryo model recapitulates all steps of in vivo tumor growth in just 9 days including primary tumor formation, intravasation, extravasation from the vasculature, establishment at distant sites, and even immune checkpoint inhibition. Thus, our model allows evaluation of tumor growth, metastatic invasion, angiogenesis, immuno-oncology, biomarkers and mechanisms of action for all compound types.

We have standardised this model for over 60 cancers and carried out more than 500 studies. These have shown the strong predictivity of the chicken embryo model, comparable to results using the mouse.

Xavier will present the model and its benefits in depth, and illustrate it with several case studies.

During the webinar Xavier Rousset will discuss:

  • Benefits of early in vivo efficacy evaluation to optimize the probability of success for drug candidates
  • Chicken embryo model and its characteristics
  • Benefits of the chicken embryo model for filling the gaps between in vitro studies and mouse models
  • Comparative analysis of the chicken embryo model vs the mouse model
  • Drug efficacy analysis on tumor growth, metastatic invasion, angiogenesis, immuno-oncology, biomarkers and mechanisms of action in the chicken embryo model
  • Case Studies


Speaker: Xavier Rousset, PhD, R&D Team Leader, Inovotion

Xavier is the head of Inovotion's R&D department. He joined Inovotion at its creation in 2015 and is in charge of the development of new tests and readouts, leads client projects and initiates technological improvements to answer specific requests from the customers.

Xavier has extended Inovotion's tests to cover Immuno-Oncology and developed dozens of new cancer models and set up standardized data sets for their associated reference molecules.

Previously, he held several postdoctoral positions, always in collaboration with biotech companies. First at the NIH's National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, in Bethesda (USA) for 4 years, and 2nd one at the TIMC Lab in Université Grenoble Alpes, on glioblastoma treatments. Xavier earned his PhD in physiology and physiopathology, at the University Pierre et Marie Curie of Paris.





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