Nov 18 2021

Webinar #4: The CAM Assay: From Efficacy/Toxicity Studies to Mechanisms of Action Analysis


Webinar Description:


Understanding the mechanisms of action of new drugs is a key success factor for efficient drug discovery.

It’s necessary for:


  • Anticipating problems relating to clinical safety
  • Determining the site of interaction between a drug and a receptor
  • Identifying which patients will respond to a given treatment
  • Improving drug dosing
  • Considering combinations or synergistic effects


Thus, understanding the mechanisms of action is needed at all steps in the drug development pipeline,

from discovery to clinical trials and regulatory approval.

Inovotion’s in vivo assays provide ample access to tumors, allowing a deep analysis of its mechanisms

of action including transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, immune cell infiltration, histological

analysis, target validation, and others.


During the webinar Xavier Rousset will discuss:


  • Benefits of the in ovo model for with human tumors for understanding mechanisms of action
  • Chicken embryo model and its characteristics
  • Considerations for setting up the assay: Pharmaco-Kinetics (PK), Maximal Tolerated Dose (MTD), Minimum Effective Dose (MED), Dose Effect
  • Access to mechanisms of action through transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic analyses
  • Method for target validation using the in ovo model
  • Rapid analysis for immunohistology, biomarkers, immune cell infiltration
  • Case studies


Learning Objectives:


  • Benefits of setting up an early in vivo efficacy evaluation and mechanisms of action analysis
  • To optimize the probability of success for drug discovery development
  • Using the chicken embryo in vivo model to get access to a drug’s mechanisms of action
  • Understand the characteristics of the chicken embryo model versus the mouse model


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