Dec 11-14 2019

Jean Viallet, CEO Inovotion, is to give a talk at Cancer Metastasis Congress, Seefeld-in-Tirol, Dec 11- 14, 2019

Despite the progress in cancer diagnostic and treatment, the problem of cancer metastasis is still unsolved. Approximately 90% of cancer patients die due to the metastatic disease progression.
Recommended by the European School of Oncology, The “Cancer Metastasis Congress” will take place in Seefeld-in-Tirol, Austria, Dec. 11 -14, 2019 and will be focused on this challenge.
Inovotion support the event and Jean Viallet, CEO Inovotion, will give a talk on Dec 12, 18:40PM “A unique in vivo model of metastatic invasion for therapeutic drug candidates”
This is opportunity to understand how INOVOTION’s technology opens new perspectives for in vivo screening in oncology and metastatic invasion analysis

Come meet Jean Viallet, PhD, CEO and Philippe Fornies, Business Development Director.

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