Mar 31 2021



Inovotion CEO Jean Viallet will participate in an online round table discussion on “Developing Relevant Experimental Models in Cancer” on March 31st at the Lyon Cancer Research Forum.


This round table aims to discuss the preclinical models that it is currently relevant to maintain and develop in oncology. Several speakers from the private sector will share their views on the subject, depending on their position: producers of animal models, developers of alternative models or users of preclinical models. With the idea of promoting the development of these models in the regional community, several topics will be addressed:


– The strategies of companies to meet regulatory requirements,
– Scientific questions that must be answered by experimental models,
– Models appropriate for commercialization,
– Feedback and partnership strategies with the academic community.


The public will be able to participate in the debate through the chat interface provided. This edition is marked by the future challenges of oncology research, on the eve of the next 10-year cancer strategy. This will be an opportunity to discuss cancer prevention priorities, to question the after-effects of cancer and the risk of second cancer, and to share on solutions to cancers with poor prognosis.


Join us for this exciting discussion on Tue. March 31, 2021 / 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm CET, organised by Cancéropôle Auvergne Rhône Alpes.
We look forward to meeting you and discussing your future projects at this event!
Feel free to also contact us directly via our contact page.


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