Feb 5-6 2024

Come and join us at the 2nd International CAM Conference, Feb 5-6 2024!!

INOVOTION will be leading a 3-hour symposium at the International CAM Conference, held Feb 5-6 2024 in Erlangen, Germany!

This is major international event for the growing scientific community around the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane (CAM) and its use as an in vivo model for oncology, virology, toxicity testing, personalized medicine, and other major leading medical applications.

INOVOTION is leading the effort for applying the in vivo CAM model in oncology, notably for drug discovery preclinical testing, patient segmentation for clinical trials, and personalized medicine.

Come to the conference to meet Xavier Rousset, Yan WANG, Chloé Prunier, and Jean Viallet !
Or simply contact us to find out how this model can make the difference in getting your candidate oncology molecules into clinical trials.

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