Dec 12-13 2023

Come and join us at BioFit, in person Dec 12th – 13th in Marseille, and online Dec 15th!!

Come join us at BioFit, in person Dec 12th – 13th in sunny Marseille, and online Dec 15th!!

BioFit has the highest attending rate of academics, TTOs and research institutions. INOVOTION is excited to meet and engage with small and large biotechs, and the academic community.

Our ground-breaking CAM model leverages its active immune system to rapidly test and compare therapeutic efficacy.

Our results clearly show the power of the chicken embryo as an efficient in vivo model for testing a large spectrum of cancer drugs.

It’s a true in vivo 3Rs-compliant, fast, and efficient model.

We look forward to attending the conference and discussing our groundbreaking in vivo technology and how it can revolutionize your oncology preclinical testing.

We can help you achieve your projects quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Our Sales Director Arnaud Peyronnier will be delighted to discuss your projects!

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